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About Us

Welcome to Naheri African Fashion Store!

We started this shop in 2018 out of a need to provide high quality and elegant statement pieces, mostly inspired by African art, beauty and elegance. Creating is our passion and with that sole purpose in mind, Naheri was established.

We love sentimental African inspired clothing and jewelry, and that has been our focus for years now. You will find this throughout our shop. Each jewelry piece is unique in its own way and handmade by real master craftsmen, offering you a direct access to African beauty, culture and elegance. We work with motivated and ambitious local designers to make African fashion a real player on the global fashion market. We truly love being able to create meaningful pieces that can be cherished for years to come! For those who want to stand out, who want to wear a bit of nature or quirky art, this is the place for you.

We offer African fashion, sustainable fabrics (includes African maasai shuka, African print fabric, and kikoy wraps) and exotic African inspired jewelry, presenting the best of African culture through clothing, jewelry, and accessories.

We have worked with African print fabric for the last 5 years, making beautiful one of a kind clothing pieces that have been loved by people from all corners of the world. These include African print skirts, African print dresses, African print shirts for men, and many more. The core idea of Naheri is to produce high quality, handmade clothing that will be loved for years to come, and we do not take this lightly. We love experimenting with cuts and patterns and we never take the easy way out when it comes to our clothes. All the patterns are drafted by hand and filed to perfection. After a pattern is finished, we make a sample. If any changes are needed, those are then transferred on to the sample pattern which is then graded to other sizes. After that, we cut each garment out of the fabric and assemble them individually. All this, we think, is what makes our garments unique - their perfected fit and polished details. We combine a special eye for detail in the construction of our products with the latest trends and technologies in the textile industry. All our clothing are handmade in our Nairobi studio and shipped around the globe.

We develop collections for buyers that show that far from being a simple process, our production requires the utmost consistency and care, done with enthusiasm and confidence born of experience. We always work to the highest possible standard because we believe we are creating items for long term investment. This is our core philosophy, and time and experience shows that it works.


Thank you so much for visiting our shop!


With love,